Land of the Celts

This seventh book will probably follow The Seer. In the early stages of planning, it will probably contain a short story entitled King Brian, and will focus on the life of Brian Boru – the last High King of Ireland. In line with the title, the book will contain Irish stories likely told with a historic perspective. It may also contain a short story entitled ‘The Runner’, set in Dublin in 1916 during the Easter Rising. A piece from my novel, The Nationalists, may also feature. The Nationalists is an Irish story, set in the turbulent years of 1915 to 1923, and relates the story of a doomed love affair between an Irish journalist and a Cumann na mBan girl from County Kerry. The story is set during the 1916 Easter Rising, the War of Independence (also known as the Black and Tan War), and the Irish Civil War.
The book may also contain further poetic works, again with an Irish bias.

The Seer

This book will be different than previous works in that it will contain a lot more prose. The longest piece is a 6000 word short story that attempts to resurrect the story of Luke the Evangelist, and was previously entered into the EFG Sunday Times Bank Awards. It’s also a novel extract taken from a much longer piece of work called The Scribe.
Like my previous works, in particular, The Soaring Spirit, this latest book will also include some poetry. It will contain a new poem entitled ‘Drawn to the Sacred’. The Carpenter is another short story that will feature. The story is set in the Sinai mountains in Egypt, and one of its main characters is Jesus of Nazareth. Land of Our Father will also feature, a previously published piece, about a trip I took to the Holy Land. AMOC will also be published here and tells the story of a native Irish speaker emerging from a coma. The latter is also a short story. There may be other short pieces including ‘A tale of two Santas’, one piece of which was written by my niece when she was only eight. Another short, Fat Boys, a sports story may also be included.