A short preview of Chief Mano, currently under construction.



They had broken out the champagne for Chief Kali’s retirement, and just as the pundits had predicted, Mano had stepped into the void left by the retiring chief. A year had passed since his encounter with the ISIS terrorists led by Hakim, and he had put all those troubles behind him. The new role brought fresh responsibilities and new headaches but he was up to the task. O’Malley and his team of bodyguards still shadowed him everywhere he went because he was still a marked man because of his past as an undercover.

He had spent eight dangerous years uncovering the triads that had ruled over Honolulu with fear and by the time he had emerged from his undercover role he had put over two hundred behind bars in Hawaii, but he had also become a marked man. He was answerable to the Honolulu Police Commission, the Mayor and the Governor in his new role, a role that would bring fresh challenges and headaches.


It had taken him over a year to discover the circumstances of his brother Hakim’s death and to gather together a team that would avenge those deaths. It wasn’t easy discovering what had happened with Hakim because there had been a media blackout at the request of the police authorities.

Two names stood out for Mujahid. In Saudi terms his name meant warrior, and he was built like one. He was small and squat and muscular.


And Mano.

Both men would be made to pay dearly for what they had done. And Hawaii would pay too.

Like his brother he had infiltrated his team slowly, allowing several weeks to elapse before bringing in another team member. During that time he had to contain his mounting impatience, but he used the time wisely to build up his intelligence on his targets. 

Of his two main targets, Mano would represent the bigger threat. His security was faultless because he was already a target amongst the Hawaiian underworld. Mano had a huge price on his head but those who had tried to collect in the past had failed. He was a cop who didn’t take prisoners. Those who had tried for the bounty on his head had wound up either dead or doing long stretches behind bars, often in federal prisons.


Mano looked up from a report he was reading as a knock sounded on his office door. The report was a top secret one from the FBI and had originated with from Shin Bet – the Israeli secret intelligence people – in Tel Aviv. 

The biggest of the entrants to his office was a giant of a man who jerked his thumb towards the nameplate on the door and remarked: “Looks good, chief?”

The nameplate was a new one and simply said: Chief Mano.

Mano shot a grin towards his number two on the squad and agreed with Nui’s assessment. The squad was a special one set up by Governor Watts of Hawaii in the wake of 9 11, and it’s mandate was very simple: Keep terrorism out of Hawaii. So far, Mano and his team had done just that and had had some success against ISIS terrorists in particular.It was still an uphill battle of course, trying to stay one step ahead of international terrorists and their deadly plans.

Nui took up one of the seats in his chief’s office. It was rumoured within the Honolulu police department that Nui had once trialed with the Rainbow Warriors. Whatever the truth of that he certainly had the build for it.

In comparison to his bulk, Pono was tiny. She was the only female member of the squad but she had to stay on top of her game because there were always other women vying within the Honolulu police department to emulate her success.

The fourth member of the squad was known in HPD as ‘The Seeker’.

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